• Rothmans Racing

    The theme of this creation was based on the legendary Porsche 956 and its Rothmans racing livery. The car was introduced in 1982 and although weighed only 800kg (1,765lb) it developed over 630hp. The car went on to… Read More

  • Redemption

    This design started out so shiny & happy and then took a darker, more complex look at our perceptions of design, art and events and how they are altered over time. The colour pallet brings us back to… Read More

  • Camero

    We had some fun with this bike. The owner was adamant they wanted something very, very discreet but containing lots of detail. The dominant colour is actually a dark charcoal grey. It plays perfectly to its setting appearing… Read More

  • Neon

    The decision behind the design Neon was inspired by a client’s love of motor racing. Not only a love for F1 but street racing as well, an uncommon duo as F1 fans tend to dissociate themselves from street… Read More

  • Fusion

    Fusion was part of a trilogy of bikes we proudly displayed at the UK’s premier hand built bike show, Bespoke. We worked with Fusion Think in the U.S to develop the paint theme. As part of our gratitude… Read More

  • ’87

    Inspired by Stephen Roche’s iconic Battaglin from his incredible 1987 season. We created a modern take on this classic bike. We matched the pantone colours form the original build but introduced a modern camo-fade design. Integrating the bars,… Read More

  • Death or Glory

    Death or Glory is about going all in. Leaving nothing on the road. No regrets. That’s the approach we took with the paint design on this creation. Neon colours jump out on the dark background. The top tube… Read More

  • Aurora

    This client brought a lot of creativity to the table. We kept coming back to images of the Borealis and his love of astronomy. We eventually focused on a section of skyline and replicated that section on the… Read More

  • U.S 01

    As the name suggests, this was the first bike we shipped to the US. It was a beautiful build to work on and made for an absolute gentleman. During the course of our discussions it quickly became clear… Read More

  • Rás Concept

    This year see’s the 65th anniversary of Ireland’s iconic stage race. The Ras. We’ve partnered with AquaBlue academy rider Ronan McLoughlin to create this fantastic tribute bike honouring the race and the riders. We’ve inscribed the 32 previous… Read More

  • Salvation

    An overworked and overweight 40 something man and the epic parcours of L’Alpe du Huez may not immediately go hand in hand. Out of touch and out of love with the sport of cycling two friends begin to… Read More

  • Conquista

    The design for the Conquista bike stems from the track and finish line of the Paris-Roubaix, one of the toughest cycling competitions out there. Conquista is all about tales of heroism and conquest, achievement against the odds, so… Read More

  • Back Home

    The Sannino Cronometro, a work of art, built in 1985 by legendary Italian bike builder Mauro Sannino. Using Columbus SLX steel, Sannino built a limited run of this blue frame, whilst most of his bikes were built with… Read More

  • The Perfect Fit

    There are fitters, and then there are fitters. Aidan Hammond forms part of the latter group. He is one of the most respected bike fitters in the UK & Ireland. Aidan is a neuromuscular physical therapist, a massage… Read More

  • ENVE10

    Ten years ago, ENVE’s first products were specifically designed to service what they believed was an underserved small frame builder community. They had the belief that the heart and soul of the bike industry was living amongst this… Read More

  • PDM Concept

    As told by Dan Moore owner of this PDM-Inspired FiftyOne Like many riders of my age, the 1989 Tour De France was a defining moment in what would shape my understanding of what was cool in cycling. Greg… Read More

  • Clann

    This client wanted a paint job that would really stand out in the peloton. Using neon colours on the frame, our designers went about creating a striking colour scheme that would be applied to not only the frame… Read More

  • The Dark Side of the Moon

    “Cycling was never an obvious choice of recreation living in North Canada,” recalls the owner of this unique frame. As kids, there was a sporting path set in stone for the Northern Canadian youth. When the big chill… Read More

  • Route 841

    Aged 46, Jason Black is Irelands leading global endurance athlete, summiting Mt Everest via the treacherous north face route. He is a multiple world mountaineering speed ascent record holder and currently has his eye focused on the biggest… Read More

  • The Anaconda

    When former Irish sprint track champion and reptile enthusiast Dr Julian Dalby came to Fifty One cycles looking for a new bike he had one overriding request, it needed to be rigid. In his own words it needed… Read More

  • Fit for a King

    Conor McGregor is the undisputed king of the UFC ring, known around the world for his record-breaking boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr., his sharp wit, and his even sharper dress sense. But what you might not know… Read More

  • SR-71

    Winners never quit, and quitters never win. This is a story of sentiment that reaches far beyond a bicycle. This is a story of persistence. A story of belief. A story of winners and quitters. But this story… Read More

  • Steinès

    Two months before the 1910 Tour de France, somewhere on the Tourmalet pass of the Pyrenees mountain range, Alphonse Steinès lay wounded in a frozen abyss of snow under the night’s sky. His car was no longer capable… Read More

  • Fifty-First

    The fifty-first FiftyOne was created for Melbourne based cyclist who approached us through one of our international representatives. He is a cyclist to the core. Born and bread. In his youth, he spent much of his time absorbed… Read More

  • The Magic Dragon

    “Make me a stiff fucking fighter jet. I just want to go fast as fuck. I’m not worried about comfort. I want speed!”   The heritage of this frame can be traced to the heartlands of America’s Last… Read More

  • Centenary

    Like many of those who approach us, this cyclist found himself in the common dilemma in which a family life got in the way of the cycling life. But like many, he compromised. Having pursued an array of… Read More

  • The Pedaling Heroine

    Success is up to you. When Orla’s father handed down an old, aluminium Lapierre to help his daughter commute to and from college, never for a second did he think that in just three years’ time she would… Read More

  • Semper Fidelis

    Anyone from the Bronx, NY and her surrounding boroughs will be able to tell you that “only the strong survive.” It’s a slogan that has been widely plastered onto cheap souvenirs sold to tourists and copied by others… Read More

  • Number One

    Jeffrey was driving home from work in Connecticut on his 40th birthday. He pulled up outside a bike shop and bought himself a new road bike, with which he spent his first spin falling over because he couldn’t… Read More

  • Nil Desperandum

    Steven has always had a thing a for travelling. But it wasn’t until a client approached him to take part in a cross-Europe charity cycle from London to Paris that his journey into cycling truly begun. It was… Read More

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