Handcrafted Bikes designed by you

Handcrafted carbon fibre bikes fitted to you, designed by you and built for you. Crafted in Ireland by our master frame builder, using the highest quality carbon fibre. FiftyOne will draw out, from your soul, your dream bike and make it a reality.

How a FiftyOne is built

Firstly the carbon tubes are cut to the client’s exact length. The tubes are then mitered using a diamond-tipped hole saw.
Once prepared, the tubes are then inserted into the jig to test their fit. The tighter the fit the stronger the joint. With every frame build there is great attention to detail. We will take the time to file and sand the joints by hand to ensure the tightest fit possible so your frame is the strongest it can be. We take the time on the small details as they help determine the outcome of the bigger details.

Six Steps To Your Custom Fiftyone

1. Deposit Payment

Once your deposit is paid, we'll be in touch to kickstart the custom design process

2. The Bike Fit

You will attend your local bike fitter, who will take your measurements and send them to the FiftyOne team

3. The One-to-One Design Consultation

Our engineer will consider your riding style, past bikes and any preferences you may have for your new build.
Together with your bike fit report, we draw up your new frame on BikeCAD.

4. The Frame Building Commences

Once you have signed off on the bike design, our frame builder will get straight to work on your frame

5. The Artwork

Our graphic designer will then draw out your perfect custom paint job through conversations and a psychometric test.
Once you sign off on the artwork, the lead time is approximately 10 weeks. Our highly decorated painter will then hand paint the new frame to the highest quality.

6. Final Payment

Once you are fully satisfied with the result, it's time to make the final payment. Once received, your custom bike is ready to be shipped.