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Something a little different from the norm


Like many of those who approach us, this cyclist found himself in the common dilemma in which a family life got in the way of the cycling life. But like many, he compromised. Having pursued an array of cycling disciplines (TTs, track and road), he took it upon himself to discover something that worked around his new life and unlock a world of new possibilities and adventure. A world in which he could not only continue pursuing what he loves, but do so with the ones who he loves.

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree of this rider, whose daughter has recently taken up life on two wheels – no doubt influenced by her father’s collection of machines that share their family home. Together, the father and daughter plan to tackle the notorious Sustrans route of the Scottish highlands; a demanding trail from Pitlochry to Inverness and all of the breathtaking scenery in between.

That is precisely why this rider was drawn to the scent of a gravel bike. The new challenges that lay ahead would require a tool of great endurance, performance and integrity. It would be subject to the usual tarmac paths that the rider knows too well, but also to the gravel paths, the muddy trails and the off-map narrows that litter the Highlands. It was simple; no other machine would be capable of enduring such a task.

A designer by trade, the owner of this machine has a distinct taste for detail far beyond that of the final-product aesthetic. He knows there is greater depth to a fine piece of work than the final-product that everyone sees. He is an admirer of the process. One who knows that it takes precision and personality to see far beyond the final product. He envisioned something that would not only be an expression of his own desires, but something that would stand the test of time.

He wanted “something a little different from the norm.”

And that didn’t stop with the paintwork. The hypnotic grey and blue combo that features across the frame is inspired by logo of the rider’s own architecture business. The various geometrical details subtly scattered around the build are a result of his fascination with geometric shapes and his alternative perspective of contrasting colours. Upon closer inspection, one may notice the discrete symbol settled at the base of the downtube. The rider of this bike is a proud member of the Liverpool Century Road Club, who recently celebrated their centenary.

As with life, some things can get in the way of doing what you love. It is up to you to decide whether or not you’re willing to sacrifice or compromise. Sometimes change and contrast is for the better. This rider changed his approach to cycling, giving him a new way to develop a relationship with his daughter. And just like the contrasting yet complementing colour design on this frame, the new roads and trails with no doubt complement his cycling journey.