The Journey

Five Steps to a FiftyOne

Bike Fit

You will attend your local bike fitter who will take your measurements and send them to us here at FiftyOne.

One-to-One Design Consultation

Our engineer will take into consideration your riding style, past bikes and any preferences you may have for your new build. Together with your bike fit report we draw up your new frame on BikeCAD.

Frame Building Commences

Once you have signed off on the bike design, our frame builder will get straight to work on your frame.


Our graphics designer will then draw out through conversations and a psychometric test your perfect custom paint job. Once you sign off on the artwork, the lead time is 6 weeks. Our highly decorated painter will then hand paint the new frame to the highest quality.

Your FiftyOne Arrives

Finally, you can ride out on a bike that is no longer a dream but a reality.

Start your journey with FiftyOne

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